NDB Operator Release Notes  /  Changes in NDB Operator 8.0.32-1.0.1 (2023-01-18, General Availability)

Changes in NDB Operator 8.0.32-1.0.1 (2023-01-18, General Availability)

This is MySQL NDB Operator 8.0.32-1.0.1, a GA release of NDB Operator, a Kubernetes Operator for MySQL NDB Cluster.

For additional downloads and the source of MySQL NDB Operator visit https://dev.mysql.com/downloads/ndb-operator/ and https://github.com/mysql/mysql-ndb-operator.

For more information on MySQL NDB Operator see the online documentation at https://dev.mysql.com/doc/ndb-operator/en/.

For more information about MySQL NDB Cluster, see https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/8.0/en/mysql-cluster.html.

Functionality Added or Changed

  • It is now possible to detect and overcome failures in a deployment or StatefulSet when encountering errors in configuration of the cluster.

    Previously, when an update to an NdbCluster Custom Resource Definition was rejected due to a configuration error, NDB Operator continued to try the invalid configuration, hanging while in the reconciliation state. Because the Operator's web hook did not allow any new updates to the CRD due to the one ongoing, the user could not correct the configuration error made in the previous update without deleting and then re-creating the NdbCluster CRD. Situations of this type could occur when there were errors in the specified Docker image, as well as in the configuration of one or more data nodes, SQL nodes, or both.

    We now provide for handling of such scenarios in two ways:

    • We now display any configuration errors raised in the status of an update to the CRD, which helps the user identify the problem, fix the specification, and propose a new NdbCluster CRD update with the correct configuration.

    • The NDB Operator web hook now allows a new NdbCluster CRD update when an error is found resulting from the previous change to the CRD (creation of a new NdbCluster CRD, or modification of an existing one).

    (WL #15555)