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Changes in MySQL Connector/NET 6.6.2 (2012-08-25, Beta)

Continued improvements and fixes to the 6.6 feature set.

Stored Procedure Debugging

  • This beta release removes several of the earlier limitations on stored procedure debugging:

    • Functions and triggers can now be debugged.

    • Intellisense is enabled in the debugger window.

    • The debugger supports the SQL grammar for all MySQL versions from 5.0 to 5.6.

    • When a debugging session is finished, stored routines that were instrumented are now restored to their original form.

    • You can now evaluate and change session variables, in addition to local variables in the procedure.

    • Conditional breakpoints are supported now.

    • When debugging a routine that has parameters, the debugger prompts for values to use for the parameters. These prompted values no longer overwrite session variables that have the same names.

    • You do not need to check the Save password check box when creating a new connection in Server Explorer.

    These limitations remain:

    • Some MySQL functions cannot be debugged currently (get_lock, release_lock, begin, commit, rollback, set transaction level).

    • Only one debug session may be active on a given server.

    (WL #6270)