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Changes in MySQL Connector/NET 6.6.0 (2012-07-17, Alpha)

First alpha release for Connector/NET 6.6. Major features of Connector/Net 6.6:

  • Stored procedure debugging in Microsoft Visual Studio.

  • Entity Framework 4.3 Code First support.

  • Pluggable authentication (not available in this alpha).

Entity Framework Code First Support

  • To support the Entity Framework 4.3.1, Connector/NET can now use the Code First approach when developing against a model, and keep track of the changes in the Entity Model and in the Database. This new Entity Framework 4.3.1 feature is focused in allowing your database to be updated along with your Code First Model changes. (WL #6331)

Stored Procedure Debugging

  • The Connector/NET integration with Visual Studio now includes stored procedure debugging. It works in a very intuitive manner, by simply clicking Debug Routine from Server Explorer. The limitations in this preliminary alpha release include:

    • Can only debug stored procedures. Functions and triggers cannot be debugged yet.

    • Intellisense is currently not enabled in the debugger window.

    • Some MySQL functions cannot be debugged currently (get_lock, release_lock, begin, commit, rollback, set transaction level).

    • Only 5.1 grammar is currently supported.

    • Only one debug session may be active on a given server.

    • The debugger instruments your procedures automatically. The original procedure might not be not restored correctly.

    • Evaluating and changing session variables are not supported. Local variables in the procedure are supported.

    • Conditional breakpoints are not supported.

    • When debugging a routine that has parameters, the debugger will prompt for those values. It will create session variables out of them, so be careful to not use your own session variables that have the same name.

    • When creating a new connection in Server Explorer, please check the Save password check box.

    (WL #6270)

Bugs Fixed

  • When using Entity Framework with Connector/NET, the association property OnDelete was not taken into account in the CreateDatabaseScript function of the ObjectContext, leading to an error message System.Data.UpdateException was unhandled. The SQL generated by the CreateDatabaseScript function was missing ON DELETE and ON UPDATE clauses. These clauses were filled in correctly by the DDL generation wizard. (Bug #14008752, Bug #64779)

  • A call to a stored procedure or function in an application using the Code First entity framework could result in an error:

    Unhandled Exception: MySql.Data.MySqlClient.MySqlException: You have an error
    in your SQL syntax; ...

    The code change allows syntax such as the following to invoke a stored procedure, without using the CALL statement and without using CommandType.StoredProcedure.

    int count = myContext.Database.SqlQuery<int>("GetCount").First();

    (Bug #14008699, Bug #64999)

  • When using the Entity Framework Code First approach, the generated code could be incorrect:

    • Missing length specifier for data types, such as VARBINARY instead of VARBINARY(n).

    • ALTER TABLE statements referring to nonexistent tables, when private members were specified inside the main class.

    (Bug #13900091, Bug #64216)