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Changes in MySQL Connector/NET 6.0.3 (2009-04-28)

First GA release.

Functionality Added or Changed

  • The MySqlTokenizer failed to split fieldnames from values if they were not separated by a space. This also happened if the string contained certain characters. As a result MySqlCommand.ExecuteNonQuery raised an index out of range exception.

    The resulting errors are illustrated by the following examples. Note, the example statements do not have delimiting spaces around the = operator.

    INSERT INTO anytable SET Text='test--test';

    The tokenizer incorrectly interpreted the value as containing a comment.

    UPDATE anytable SET Project='123-456',Text='Can you explain this ?',Duration=15 WHERE

    A MySqlException was generated, as the ? in the value was interpreted by the tokenizer as a parameter sign. The error message generated was:

    Fatal error encountered during command execution.
    EXCEPTION: MySqlException - Parameter '?'' must be defined.

    (Bug #44318)

Bugs Fixed

  • MySQL.Data was not displayed as a Reference inside Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Professional.

    When a new C# project was created in Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Professional, MySQL.Data was not displayed when References, Add Reference was selected. (Bug #44141)

  • Column types for SchemaProvider and ISSchemaProvider did not match.

    When the source code in SchemaProvider.cs and ISSchemaProvider.cs were compared it was apparent that they were not using the same column types. The base provider used SQL such as SHOW CREATE TABLE, while ISSchemaProvider used the schema information tables. Column types used by the base class were INT64 and the column types used by ISSchemaProvider were UNSIGNED. (Bug #44123)