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Changes in MySQL Connector/NET 6.0.0 (2009-03-02, Alpha)

This is a new Alpha development release.

Bugs Fixed

  • A null reference exception was generated when MySqlConnection.ClearPool(connection) was called. (Bug #42801)

  • The Web Provider did not work at all on a remote host, and did not create a database when using autogenerateschema="true". (Bug #39072)

  • The MySQL Connector/NET installer program ended prematurely without reporting the specific error. (Bug #39019)

  • When called with an incorrect password the MembershipProvider.GetPassword() method threw a MySQLException instead of a MembershipPasswordException . (Bug #38939)

  • Possible overflow in MySqlPacket.ReadLong(). (Bug #36997)

  • The TokenizeSql method was adding query overhead and causing high CPU utilization for larger queries. (Bug #36836)