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MySQL 5.5 Reference Manual  /  ...  /  Installing MySQL on Linux Using Debian Packages

2.5.2 Installing MySQL on Linux Using Debian Packages

Oracle provides Debian packages for installation on Debian or Debian-like Linux systems. To obtain a package, see Section 2.1.2, “How to Get MySQL”.


Debian distributions of MySQL are also provided by other vendors. Be aware that they may differ from those built by us in features, capabilities, and conventions (including communication setup), and that the instructions in this manual do not necessarily apply to installing them. The vendor's instructions should be consulted instead.

Debian package files have names in mysql-MVER-DVER-CPU.deb format. MVER is the MySQL version and DVER is the Debian version. The CPU value indicates the processor type or family for which the package is built, as shown in the following table.

Table 2.15 MySQL Installation Packages for Linux CPU Identifiers

CPU Value Intended Processor Type or Family
i686 Pentium processor or better, 32 bit
x86_64 64-bit x86 processor

After downloading a Debian package, use the following command to install it;

shell> dpkg -i mysql-MVER-DVER-CPU.deb

The Debian package installs files in the /opt/mysql/server-5.5 directory.

You may also need to install the libaio library if it is not already present on your system:

shell> sudo apt-get install libaio1