VM Errors

This section contains ndbd error codes that are associated with problems in the VM (virtal machine) NDB kernel block.

Table 7.2 ndbd errors associated with the VM (virtal machine) NDB kernel block.

Error Code Error Classification Error Text
NDBD_EXIT_OUT_OF_LONG_SIGNAL_MEMORY XCR Signal lost, out of long signal memory, please increase LongMessageBuffer
NDBD_EXIT_WATCHDOG_TERMINATE XIE WatchDog terminate, internal error or massive overload on the machine running this node
NDBD_EXIT_SIGNAL_LOST_SEND_BUFFER_FULL XCR Signal lost, out of send buffer memory, please increase SendBufferMemory or lower the load
NDBD_EXIT_SIGNAL_LOST XIE Signal lost (unknown reason)
NDBD_EXIT_ILLEGAL_SIGNAL XIE Illegal signal (version mismatch a possibility)