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5.7.2 Tab Separated Format

The tab separated format is used by default for printing result sets when running MySQL Shell in batch mode, to have better output for automated analysis.

To get this output format when running in interactive mode, start MySQL Shell with the --result-format=tabbed command line option (or its alias --tabbed), or set the MySQL Shell configuration option resultFormat to tabbed.

Example 5.2 Output in Tab Separated Format

MySQL  localhost:33060+ ssl  world_x  JS > shell.options.set('resultFormat','tabbed')
MySQL  localhost:33060+ ssl  world_x  JS > session.sql("select * from city where countrycode='AUT'")
ID      Name    CountryCode     District        Info
1523    Wien    AUT     Wien    {"Population": 1608144}
1524    Graz    AUT     Steiermark      {"Population": 240967}
1525    Linz    AUT     North Austria   {"Population": 188022}
1526    Salzburg        AUT     Salzburg        {"Population": 144247}
1527    Innsbruck       AUT     Tiroli  {"Population": 111752}
1528    Klagenfurt      AUT     Kärnten {"Population": 91141}
6 rows in set (0.0041 sec)