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4.3.2 Connecting using login-path and Options Files

MySQL login paths and option files are supported. The following MySQL command line options are supported at the start of the command line:

MySQL Shell reads a section in the MySQL configuration file, [mysqlsh], which contains the MySQL Shell command line options.

MySQL Shell also reads the [client] section of the MySQL configuration file.


Some [client] options are not supported by MySQL Shell, such as local-infile, and some options have the same name in both, but take different values, such as the [client] option --compress and the [mysqlsh] option compress=value.

MySQL Shell returns a specific error for such options, specifying the name of the option and the error.

For information on option file locations, order of precedence on Windows and Linux platforms, and option syntax, see Using Option Files. For information on login-path, see --login-path.

For example, if you define the following in your options file, c:\my.ini for example:


These options set the following:

  • sql: the default MySQL Shell mode, SQL.

  • host=localhost: defines the host as localhost.

  • user=user1: defines the user as user1.

  • port=3306: defines the connection port as 3306.

  • database=sakila: defines the default schema as sakila.

Run mysqlsh without any connection string:

        > mysqlsh
        MySQL Shell 8.0.32-commercial
        Copyright (c) 2016, 2022, Oracle and/or its affiliates.
        Oracle is a registered trademark of Oracle Corporation and/or its affiliates.
        Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners.
        Type '\help' or '\?' for help; '\quit' to exit.
        Creating a Classic session to 'root@localhost:3306/sakila'
        Fetching global names, object names from `sakila` for auto-completion... Press ^C to stop.
        Your MySQL connection id is 93
        Server version: 8.0.31-commercial MySQL Enterprise Server - Commercial
        Default schema set to `sakila`.
        localhost:3306 ssl  sakila  SQL >

Options defined on the command line override all other values.

The order of precedence for MySQL Shell:

  • Command line arguments

  • Login path

  • Option files

  • Persisted Shell options