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12.5 Logging AdminAPI Operations


Deprecated in MySQL Shell 8.0.30. For SQL logging in MySQL Shell 8.0.30 onwards, see Section 12.4, “MySQL Shell SQL Logging”.

From MySQL Shell 8.0.18, you can include SQL statements that are executed in the course of AdminAPI operations as part of the MySQL Shell logging information. By default, MySQL Shell does not log these statements, and just logs the messages returned during the operations. Activating logging for these statements lets you observe the progress of the operations in terms of SQL execution, which can help with problem diagnosis for any errors.

When you activate logging for SQL statements from AdminAPI operations, the statements are written to the MySQL Shell application log file as informational messages, provided that the logging level is set to 5 (which is the default for MySQL Shell's logging level) or above. If an additional viewable location was specified with the logging level, the statements are sent there too. The statements are also sent to the console as verbose output if the verbose option is set to 1 or above. Any passwords included in the SQL statements are masked for logging and display and are not recorded or shown.

SQL statements executed by AdminAPI sandbox operations (dba.deploySandboxInstance(), dba.startSandboxInstance(), dba.stopSandboxInstance(), dba.killSandboxInstance(), and dba.deleteSandboxInstance()) are always excluded from logging and verbose output, even if you have activated logging for regular AdminAPI operations.

To log SQL statements executed by AdminAPI operations, choose one of these options:

The available settings for the option are follows:


Do not log SQL statements executed by AdminAPI operations. This setting is the default behavior if the option is not set on the command line or in the configuration file, and can be set to deactivate this type of logging after use if you only needed it temporarily.


Log SQL statements that are executed by AdminAPI operations, with the exceptions of SELECT statements, SHOW statements, and statements executed by sandbox operations.


Log SQL statements that are executed by regular AdminAPI operations in full, including SELECT and SHOW statements, but do not log statements executed by sandbox operations.

If you specify the option without a value, which is permitted for a command-line option when starting MySQL Shell (--dba-log-sql) but not with other methods of setting the option, setting 1 is used.