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The mysqlrouter_keyring utility is a command line application to manage MySQL Router key rings.

Usage information:

Generic commands

  • --help: usage information.

  • --version: the tool's version.

Keyring commands; all commands also accept --master-key-reader and --master-key-writer instead of --master-key-file.

  • init: Initialize keyring with a master-key-file.

    Creates a keyring and master-key-file if they do not exist; and adds keyring to master-key-file if it does not yet exist there.

  • list: List usernames stored in the keyring; or list properties of a user stored in the keyring.

  • get: Get property of user from the keyring.

  • export: Export all entries of the keyring as JSON.

  • set: Add or overwrite account of the user in the keyring file

  • delete: Delete user from the keyring.

Master-key commands

  • master-key-list: List keyring-ids from master-key-file.

  • master-key-delete: Delete master-key from "keyring" from master-key-file.

  • master-key-rename: Rename keyring-id in a master-key-file.


$> mysqlrouter_keyring init --master-key-file=mysqlrouter.key data/keyring
$> mysqlrouter_keyring list --master-key-file=mysqlrouter.key data/keyring
$> mysqlrouter_keyring list --master-key-file=mysqlrouter.key data/keyring user   

$> mysqlrouter_keyring get --master-key-file=mysqlrouter.key data/keyring someuser key

$> mysqlrouter_keyring export --master-key-file=mysqlrouter.key data/keyring

$> mysqlrouter_keyring set --master-key-file=mysqlrouter.key data/keyring user key value

$> mysqlrouter_keyring delete --master-key-file=mysqlrouter.key data/keyring user
$> mysqlrouter_keyring delete --master-key-file=mysqlrouter.key data/keyring user key

$> mysqlrouter_keyring master-key-list --master-key-file=mysqlrouter.key

$> mysqlrouter_keyring master-key-delete --master-key-file=mysqlrouter.key data/keyring 

$> mysqlrouter_keyring master-key-rename --master-key-file=mysqlrouter.key data/keyring other/data/keyring