Chapter 1 Introduction to MySQL Enterprise Backup

MySQL Enterprise Backup 8.4.1 is a backup utility for MySQL 8.4.1. It is a multi-platform, high-performance tool, offering rich features like hot (online) backup, incremental and differential backup, selective backup and restore, support for direct cloud storage backup, backup encryption and compression, and many other valuable features.

While optimized for use with InnoDB tables, MySQL Enterprise Backup is capable of backing up and restoring all kinds of tables created by any kinds of storage engines supported by MySQL. The parallelism of its read and write processes (performed in independent, multiple threads) and its block-level parallelism (different threads can read, process, or write different chunks within a single file) allow backup and restore processes to be completed with great speed, and often with a significant performance gain when compared to a logical backup using tools like mysqldump.

MySQL Enterprise Backup is a valuable tool for maintaining and safeguarding your MySQL data, and for quick and reliable recovery when accidents or disasters strike. It is part of the MySQL Enterprise Edition, available to subscribers under a commercial license.

Among other things, this manual explains:

  • How to install MySQL Enterprise Backup.

  • The different kinds of backups that can be performed with MySQL Enterprise Backup, how to perform them, and some tips on choosing the right kind of backups for your system.

  • How to restore backups created by MySQL Enterprise Backup.

  • How to use MySQL Enterprise Backup in special situations or for special purposes (for example, setting up replication, using Media Management Software (MMS) products, or using a Distributed File System (DFS)).

  • The mysqlbackup client, its commands and command options.