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6 Development Milestone Releases

A development milestone release (DMR) is produced from TRUNK every 3-6 months and includes everything that is new in TRUNK since the previous DMR. The DMRs are made available on all supported platforms. The goal is to produce DMRs with RC (release candidate) quality.

The purpose of a DMR is to release often, as a service for early adopters, and to collect feedback from customers and users. That feedback is used to improve the next DMR. DMRs can be found on the MySQL Developer Zone.

Development milestone releases are produced as follows:

  • A release manager sets a DMR cut-off date for new features.

  • The DMR will include all features that make it to TRUNK before the cut-off date.

  • Features are developed and tested on independent feature trees and pushed to TRUNK only once approved by QA.

  • After all features are pushed, TRUNK is locked and automated regression tests are run over the weekend.

  • QA signs off TRUNK once test runs are green.

  • The DMR is cloned off and put in a separate tree, and TRUNK is opened up again for normal work.

  • QA runs extended tests on the cloned-off DMR; bugs found in the process are fixed, and eventually QA approves the DMR.

  • The DMR is released and announced.

Figure 1 Milestone releases

Procedure for milestone releases