MySQL  8.0.19
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struct  PSI_stage_progress_v1
 Interface for an instrumented stage progress. More...
struct  PSI_stage_info_v1
 Stage instrument information. More...
struct  PSI_stage_bootstrap
 Entry point for the performance schema interface. More...
struct  PSI_stage_service_v1
 Performance Schema Stage Interface, version 1. More...


#define PSI_STAGE_VERSION_1   1


typedef unsigned int PSI_stage_key
 Instrumented stage key. More...
typedef struct PSI_stage_progress_v1 PSI_stage_progress_v1
typedef struct PSI_stage_info_v1 PSI_stage_info_v1
typedef void(* register_stage_v1_t) (const char *category, struct PSI_stage_info_v1 **info, int count)
 Stage registration API. More...
typedef PSI_stage_progress_v1 *(* start_stage_v1_t) (PSI_stage_key key, const char *src_file, int src_line)
 Start a new stage, and implicitly end the previous stage. More...
typedef PSI_stage_progress_v1 *(* get_current_stage_progress_v1_t) (void)
 Get the current stage progress. More...
typedef void(* end_stage_v1_t) (void)
 End the current stage. More...
typedef struct PSI_stage_info_v1 PSI_stage_info
typedef struct PSI_stage_progress_v1 PSI_stage_progress
typedef struct PSI_stage_service_v1 PSI_stage_service_t


MYSQL_PLUGIN_IMPORT PSI_stage_service_tpsi_stage_service

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Performance Schema Stage Interface number for the most recent version. The most current version is PSI_STAGE_VERSION_1


#define PSI_STAGE_VERSION_1   1

Performance Schema Stage Interface number for version 1. This version is supported.

Typedef Documentation

◆ end_stage_v1_t

typedef void(* end_stage_v1_t) (void)

End the current stage.

◆ get_current_stage_progress_v1_t

typedef PSI_stage_progress_v1*(* get_current_stage_progress_v1_t) (void)

Get the current stage progress.

the stage progress

◆ PSI_stage_info

◆ PSI_stage_info_v1

◆ PSI_stage_key

typedef unsigned int PSI_stage_key

Instrumented stage key.

To instrument a stage, a stage key must be obtained using register_stage. Using a zero key always disable the instrumentation.

◆ PSI_stage_progress

◆ PSI_stage_progress_v1

◆ PSI_stage_service_t

◆ register_stage_v1_t

typedef void(* register_stage_v1_t) (const char *category, struct PSI_stage_info_v1 **info, int count)

Stage registration API.

categorya category name
infoan array of stage info to register
countthe size of the info array

◆ start_stage_v1_t

typedef PSI_stage_progress_v1*(* start_stage_v1_t) (PSI_stage_key key, const char *src_file, int src_line)

Start a new stage, and implicitly end the previous stage.

keythe key of the new stage
src_filethe source file name
src_linethe source line number
the new stage progress

Variable Documentation

◆ psi_stage_service