MySQL 8.4.0
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mysql_compress_context Struct Reference

Compression context information. More...

#include <my_compress.h>

Public Attributes

enum enum_compression_algorithm algorithm
 Compression algorithm name. More...
union {
   mysql_zlib_compress_context   zlib_ctx
 Context information of zlib. More...
   mysql_zstd_compress_context   zstd_ctx
 Context information of zstd. More...

Detailed Description

Compression context information.

It encapsulate the context information based on compression method and presents a generic struct.

Member Data Documentation

◆ algorithm

enum enum_compression_algorithm mysql_compress_context::algorithm

Compression algorithm name.


union { ... } mysql_compress_context::u

◆ zlib_ctx

mysql_zlib_compress_context mysql_compress_context::zlib_ctx

Context information of zlib.

◆ zstd_ctx

mysql_zstd_compress_context mysql_compress_context::zstd_ctx

Context information of zstd.

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