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Chapter 3 Installing Connector/C++ from a Binary Distribution

To obtain a Connector/C++ binary distribution, visit the Connector/C++ downloads page.

Installation on Windows


Commercial and Community Connector/C++ distributions require the Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 to work on Windows platforms. The Redistributable is available at the Microsoft Download Center; install it before installing any version of Connector/C++ that requires it.

These binary-distribution installation methods are available on Windows:

  • MySQL Installer.  The simplest and recommended method for installing Connector/C++ on Windows platforms is to download MySQL Installer and let it install and configure all the MySQL products on your system. For details, see MySQL Installer for Windows.

  • Windows MSI installer.  For Connector/C++ 8.0, the MSI Installer is available as of Connector/C++ 8.0.12. To use the MSI Installer (.msi file), launch it and follow the prompts in the screens it presents. The MSI Installer can install components for two connectors:

    • The connector for X DevAPI (including X DevAPI for C).

    • The connector for the legacy JDBC API.

    For each connector, there are two components:

    • The DLL component includes the connector DLLs and libraries to satisfy runtime dependencies. This component is required to run Connector/C++ application binaries that use the connector.

    • The Developer component includes header files, static libraries, and import libraries for DLLs. This component is required to build from source Connector/C++ applications that use the connector.

    The MSI Installer requires administrative privileges. It begins by presenting a welcome screen that enables you to continue the installation or cancel it. If you continue the installation, the MSI Installer overview screen enables you to select the type of installation to perform:

    • The Complete installation installs both components for both connectors.

    • The Typical installation installs the DLL component for both connectors.

    • The Custom installation enables you to select which components to install. Both components for the X DevAPI connector are preselected, but you can override the selection. The Developer component for a connector cannot be selected without also selecting the connector DLL component.

      The Custom installation also enables you to specify the installation location.

    For all installation types, the MSI Installer performs these actions:

    • It checks whether the required Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 is present. If not, the installer asks you to install it and exits with an error.

    • It installs documentation files: README.txt, LICENSE.txt, BUILDINFO.txt.

  • Zip archive package without installer.  To install from a Zip archive package (.zip file), use WinZip or another tool that can read .zip files to unpack the file into the location of your choosing.

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