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What's New in MySQL Shell 8.0.21

The MySQL team is proud to announce the general availability of version 8.0.21 of the MySQL Shell.

MySQL Shell Logical Dump and Load Utilities

A new suite of logical dump utilities was introduced in MySQL Shell 8.0.21.
util.dumpInstance(), util.dumpSchemas() and util.loadDump() can quickly create
and restore logical dumps of MySQL databases in parallel, with zstd or gzip
compression and optionally store them in an OCI Object Storage bucket.

It also has features designed to help smoothly copy data from MySQL 5.7 and MySQL 8.0 servers to the new MySQL Database Service in Oracle Cloud.

A series of blog posts about these new utilities will be posted soon, so stay tuned!

AdminAPI, InnoDB Clusters and InnoDB ReplicaSets

Tagging objects is now supported in the AdminAPI, which can be used to associate custom tags to InnoDB Cluster metadata objects.

The AdminAPI and MySQL Router now also support setting specific instances as “hidden”, to allow temporarily removing certain instances from the Router’s destination pool, without actually changing the topology of the cluster.

Read more in the What’s New in MySQL Shell AdminAPI – What’s new in 8.0.21?.

You can also read a list about AdminAPI bugs fixed in the Release Notes


Support for JSON Schema validation has been added to the MySQL Document Store, which can be used from SQL or through the X DevAPI.

Read more about it at

And More

For a full list of MySQL Shell 8.0.21 changes, including bugs see the Release Notes.