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What Happens After Workbench 5.0 Becomes GA?

We have just officially released the WB 5.0 RC3 build and are planning the GA build to happen soon. One might ask, what is our criteria to call something GA? Well, it means that there must not be any known and verified P1 (crashing) and P2 (very serious bug with no workaround) bugs. Does it means that there are no bugs left or that we have implemented every feature request? No.

Therefore our efforts will not stop after the GA build. We still plan to get a new release out every 3rd week including all fixes and improvements that are necessary. This is a first list of things we are planning to release in a future GA release.

  • Bug fixes
    Most important are bug fixes of course. Please keep reporting bugs, you did a great job in the past – and if you do so, we will keep closing those bug reports as fast as we can.
  • Enable connection-end points dragging/reordering
    This has remained one major point of complaint, but we cannot commit the code in time for the GA release as this has to be tested much more.
  • Canvas speed optimizations
    While we have made improvements here there is still a lot to work on, especially for large diagrams. My current advice is to break the huge diagrams down into smaller ones so that they become easier to manage. To have many different diagrams in one model is one core feature of Workbench and I would like to encourage people to really make use of that (even if larger models can be displayed faster in the future).
  • More DBDoc templates
    We only ship a small number of reporting templates in SE yet. This is going to change. If you have special requirements or ideas how the reports should look like please post your ideas on the forums.
  • Online repository of model snippets
    When you do a lot of database modeling you might have noticed that you reuse the same structures quite a lot. We want to offer a collection of diagram snippets that will allow you quickly add typical structures to your model.
  • Online repository of plugins
    Vlad is giving a tutorial at the MySQL Users Conference on how to write plugins for Workbench. We want to offer an online repository for those as well. Sergei is currently working on a Download-Wizard to make downloading those extensions really easy.

As you can see, we have lots of plans for the WB 5.0 GA release and this does not even touch the things we will be working on for the WB 5.1 tree.

There are great times ahead of this project!