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We Did It - Official Workbench Beta Is Out

Today at 19:25 CET I announced the availability of the first official Beta release of MySQL Workbench.I wrote that this marks a milestone for my team and this is absolutely true. We have very high ambitions with this project for the years to come and getting the core of the implementation done right is crucial for any success. Sure there are still bugs, sure we still have to remove some rough edges but the core is there. And after 20 years coding since I wrote my first lines in Basic when I was 12, let me tell you – this core is right. And now we can stabilize and improve upon it.The last months have been quite a challenge for my team and myself. Working 50-80h weeks do mean serious compromises on your personal life but if you believe in something you are ready to walk the extra miles to get it done right.So at this point I would like to thank every member of the team (and the girlfriends who have been extra-forgiving) and all the people inside of MySQL who made this possible – you rock!We will continue to keep working hard for the next months to fix all bugs that our community and our SE Beta testers will report to get the tool stable and into RC and GA as soon as possible.MikeZp.s.: I’m sorry if this posting may sound a bit greasy but this was an emotional moment 🙂