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Report on MySQL User Camp, Bangalore on 20th June, 2014

MySQL User Camp Bangalore organized on 20th June, 2014 started as per plan. It was a good gathering. We got many users from different companies like Flipkart, CTS, CGI, Yahoo, Onze Technologies, Webyog and few other startups. Apart from this we also got 2 Mysql customers this time from UID Aadhar project managed by HCL.

Event started on its scheduled time with a welcome speech by Srinivasarao Ravuri, (Senior Manager, Software Development at MySQL India) . He thanked all the attendees for coming followed by a brief agenda and handed over the mic to the speakers for presentation.


It was followed by a talk on ” MySQL 5.7 New Features and NoSQL support in MySQL” by Sudipto Sahoo (Senior Engineer at MySQL India). He gave a good summary on the new features we have in Mysql 5.7 DMR 4.


Some of the key points he spoke about were

1. Improved InnoDB Online Alter Table
2. Parallel “Dirty Page” Flushing
3. Partitions – support for Transportable Tablespaces (TTS)
4. New Separate tablespace for temporary tables
5. Improved MDL locking

His presentations were equipped with good intuitive graphs where Sysbench Benchmarks were shown clearly showing good performance in Point Select. It was shown that Mysql 5.7 is 2X Faster than MySQL 5.6 Over 3X Faster than MySQL 5.5.

He finished his presentation with some good Examples on NoSQL implementation in Mysql.

For more details you can also refer to the 5.7.1, 5.7.2, 5.7.3, 5.7.4 blog posts written by Geir Høydalsvik.

Tea Break

After this we had a quick round of introduction from all the attendees followed by a small break for Tea and snacks already arranged at the venue. We had great variety of users from Mysql Enthusiast new to Mysql to Advanced Mysql DBA’s. It was nice to see the users having open discussions with the Mysql Developers over cup of Tea.



The interactions went little longer than anticipated and users were requested to fall back for the next presentation.

We had the next presentation on Mysql Fabric by (Narayanan Venkateswaran , Software Developer in Fabric Team ). It could be easily sensed that the users from both outside and within Mysql were really keen on the topic with the number of questions they had. All the questions were answered with good examples by the speaker. There were many use cases from users for which answers were given and for some we have work still in progress but best workarounds were suggested.


Some of the key points he spoke about were

1. Sharding Architecture
2. Managing a Sharded Database with some good examples.
3. MySQL Fabric Architecture

Event finished little late. Some Mysql Goodies were distributed to the Users and feedback forms were collected. However the discussion continued among the users little later too.


Feedback from attendees:
I was having a look at feedback forms and felt very good to see such a positive response. People also suggested topics to be included in next talk like Replication, Optimization and database tuning and best practices e.t.c . We would definitely take their suggestions into consideration.

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Photos and Videos:

Sayantan Dutta (Senior Engineer at Mysql India)
Vin Perothas (Senior Engineer at Mysql India)

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