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I'll be presenting at Oracle OpenWorld next week

I'm speaking at MySQL Central @ Oracle OpenWorld 2014
I will be presenting two sessions at MySQL Central @ Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco next Thursday (2nd Ocotber). I hope to see as many of you there as possible and I’ll be around after the session to continue answering any questions.

NoSQL and SQL: The Best of Both Worlds [CON2853]

There’s a lot of excitement about NoSQL data stores, with the promise of simple access patterns, flexible schemas, scalability, and high availability. The downside comes in the form of losing ACID transactions, consistency, flexible queries, and data integrity checks. What if you could have the best of both worlds? This session shows how MySQL Cluster provides simultaneous SQL and native NoSQL access to your data—whether it’s in a simple key-value API (memcached) or REST, JavaScript, Java, or C++. You will hear how the MySQL Cluster architecture delivers in-memory real-time performance; 99.999 percent availability; online maintenance; and linear, horizontal scalability through transparent autosharding.

MySQL Cluster: Dive into the Latest Developments [CON3815]

MySQL Cluster is the distributed, shared-nothing version of MySQL. It’s typically used for applications that need any combination of high availability, real-time performance, and scaling of reads and writes. After a brief introduction to the technology, its uses, and the new features added in MySQL Cluster 7.3, this session focuses on the very latest developments happening in MySQL Cluster 7.4. As you’d expect from a real-time, scalable, distributed, in-memory database, performance continues to be a top priority, as do simplicity of use and robustness. Come hear firsthand what’s being done to make sure MySQL Cluster continues to dominate in mission-critical, high-performance applications.