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Official MySQL Repos for SUSE Linux

Since we launched the official MySQL repos for Linux a little over a year ago, the offering has grown steadily. Starting off with support for the Yum based family of Red Hat/Fedora/Oracle Linux, we added Apt repos for Debian and Ubuntu in late spring, and throughout all of this, we have been continuously adding more and more MySQL products to each of these repos.

The one glaring exception so far has been the SUSE Linux family. So today we are launching official MySQL repos for SUSE Linux. We’re starting out with:

  • MySQL Server 5.5 (old GA version)
  • MySQL Server 5.6 (the current GA series)
  • MySQL Server 5.7 (development series)

… all for SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 (11.3 and newer).

Getting started

The basic steps that will get you the latest MySQL Server 5.6 are as follows:

Go to the download page for the SUSE repository and click the Download button for the repo setup RPM package. Then install the package like this:

$ sudo rpm -Uvh mysql-community-release-sles11-5.noarch.rpm

Then import the key that will be used to verify the packages that come from the repo:

$ sudo rpm --import /etc/RPM-GPG-KEY-mysql

And then proceed to install the MySQL Server package from the repo:

$ sudo zypper install mysql-community-server

Much more information, including how to select the Server major version and how to upgrade a pre-existing MySQL on your SUSE system, is available in the MySQL Server docs at


What’s next?

The initial SUSE repo offering is limited to MySQL Server and only one SUSE variant. We will be adding more products (connectors, utilities etc.) over the coming few months, and openSUSE packages are on the horizon. Regarding SUSE Linux Enterprise 12, SUSE unfortunately chose to not provide users with a mature and robust version of MySQL as part of the distro, and we are working hard to bring that option as quickly as possible to those who want to use MySQL on SLE 12.

And finally, the usual disclaimer. Nothing in this world is perfect: if you have comments or suggestions for improvements, please let us know in a comment here, or if you run into issues using our packages and repos, please take the time to submit a bug report.