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Next Workbench Beta About To Be Released

We are just in the process of running the final 5.0.10 builds. If Johannes does not discover any last-minute major bug we are going to upload to the mirrors soon and the release will be available tomorrow. The complete build and packaging process is now fully scripted.

The community did an amazing job in reporting bugs – there were a lot of issues that slipped through the first release. And so did the team. 75 bugs were closed since the 5.0.9 release in just 9 days. If we can keep that pace we will reach RC even sooner than I expected.

A lot of P1 and P2 bugs have been closed, we still have a load of P3 + P4 to go and I hope the stream of bugs keeps getting in, so we discover all issues soon. My biggest concern is about some threading issues we seem to have in the core which causes “random” crashes. We will run stress tests to trace those down during the next weeks.

Ok, builds have finished, now the last QA test are taking place.