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New replication & HA white papers

MySQLReplication and High Availability logoWith the General Availability of the standalone MySQL Utilities it now makes sense to use these to simplify (and optionally automate) your MySQL Replication and High Availability solutions. In light of that, 4 of our MySQL white papers have been updated to reflect the new opportunities:

MySQL Guide to High Availability Solutions. Data is the currency of today’s web, mobile, social, enterprise and cloud applications. Ensuring data is always available is a top priority for any organization – minutes of downtime will result in significant loss of revenue and reputation.

This Guide is designed to assist Developers, Architects and DBAs in navigating the complex waters of HA. It presents:

  • A methodology for selecting the right HA solution to meet Service Level Agreements
  • A tour of the leading certified HA solutions for MySQL
  • Operational best practices to implement and support HA

MySQL Replication: High Availability – Building a Self-Healing Replication Topology. Download the whitepaper to learn how to improve user-experience, reduce cost and innovate faster using MySQL replication.

Global Transaction Identifiers (GTIDs) are one of the core new features of MySQL 5.6 replication, providing a foundation to building self-healing, highly available data clusters.

By reading this whitepaper, you will be able to:

  • Illustrate use-cases and implementation of MySQL replication
  • Learn how High Availability (HA) with MySQL replication is achieved using GTIDs
  • Gain an overview of MySQL replication utilities
  • Discover resources for achieving HA with MySQL replication

The paper concludes with an overview of operational best practices.

MySQL Replication: An Introduction. Download the whitepaper to learn how MySQL replication enables the largest web, cloud, mobile and social applications to scale-out on commodity hardware, while reducing the risks of downtime.

The whitepaper discusses:

  • Replication concepts
  • Replication enhancements in MySQL 5.6
  • Replication use-cases
  • Replication topologies
  • Replication monitoring and management

The paper concludes with resources to get started with MySQL replication in building next generation services.

MySQL Replication Tutorial: Configuration, Provisioning and Management. Download the whitepaper for practical examples and best practices in building highly available services using MySQL replication as well as MySQL Utilities.

By reading this paper, you will be able to:

  • Configure and provision MySQL replication (with or without MySQL Utilities)
  • Migrate to semi-synchronous replication
  • Administer and trouble-shoot MySQL replication (with or without MySQL Utilities)
  • Promote a slave to be the new master in the event of a failed Master (manual or automatic, with or without MySQL Utilities

The paper concludes with additional resources to tune and optimize MySQL replication for your environment.