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MySQL Workbench: Utilities

MySQL Workbench is an extensible tool for database design, development, and administration – with support for python scripting and plugins, that can automate basic tasks.

Starting with MySQL Workbench 5.2.31, and with MySQL designers, developers, and administrators in mind, we’ve added a new plugin called MySQL Utilities. The MySQL Utilities is a set of python scripts that automate basic tasks. And as MySQL Workbench is about helping design, develop and administer databases, we’ve put the MySQL Utilities at your fingertips so you can quickly get to them and get your job done. Users will benefit from proven scripts, leverage the testing and ideas of the community and the experts at MySQL, and avoid having to reinvent common scripts…

Lets go on a quick tour…

The MySQL Utilities Plugin starts a shell that contains a set of python scripts that perform tasks such as copying, exporting, and importing databases, finding database objects or processes, and cloning servers and users.

To start MySQL Utilities, start Workbench and click on Plugin -> Start Shell for MySQL Utilities or click the Utilities shortcut icon from the Plugins Panel at the top of the Home tab.

For usage information just type the command name without any parameters.
For documentation of each utility look here.

For more information about MySQL Workbench: Utilities check out Mats’ post.

Author: Mike Lischke

Team Lead MySQL Workbench