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MySQL Workbench team hiring C++ and/or Python developers

The MySQL Developer Tools team at Oracle is looking for good C++ and/or Python developers to help with the MySQL Workbench project.

In the Workbench team, you’ll be responsible for developing features, maintaining the existing codebase and interact with the community to improve the project.

We’re looking for candidates to work from office at Guadalajara, Mexico or from home in Romania, Ukraine, Portugal, Poland or Czech Republic, with availability to start in the team in late May.

Job Description

Software Developer, MySQL Workbench

Software Development position responsible for development and maintenance
of Python and/or C++ code for the MySQL Workbench product.


* 5+ years experience developing solid Python or C/C++ code
* Experience developing desktop GUI applications
* Good knowledge of the C/C++ language
* MySQL database development and administration

* Experience with one or more of the GUI platforms we use (gtkmm, Cocoa, .NET/Winforms) a plus

About the company

Oracle, the world’s premier database company, is hiring expert engineering staff for MySQL
– the world’s most popular open source database because of its consistent fast performance,
high reliability and ease of use. MySQL engineering organization is highly technical team
spread across different geographies and strive for excellence and high quality in day-to-day work processes.

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Author: Mike Lischke

Team Lead MySQL Workbench