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MySQL Workbench Has Reached a Major Milestone: 400.000 downloads

I would like to say a big Thank-You to the community. It has been quite a ride this last year for my team and me, designing and coding MySQL Workbench, getting it to GA quality, presenting at the UC and constantly continue to improve quality since then. Now let’s look at the facts.

  • I am happy to announce that we have reached more than 400.000 downloads of MySQL Workbench today, which is quite a lot for a highly specific tool in such a short time-frame (406690 at 18:25 GMT+1 to be exact).
  • We have about as many downloads a day as the MySQL Server 5.1 server on Windows, also quite impressive I think for a little database design tool (I am only comparing Windows since Workbench is only available on Windows yet).
  • The number of incoming bugs has been going down after each new release and we are now at a constantly low level. Nevertheless we are continuing our bug-fix releases while working on MySQL Workbench 5.1, the ports to Linux/Solaris and OS X.

WB weekly bugs stats

Stay tuned for more good information.