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MySQL Workbench and NetBeans

I just returned from a meeting with the great Sun people in Prague. The main topic of our discussions was the database support in NetBeans and their MySQL support in general. To have the best possible database integration in all of Sun’s products is one thing that is high on my personal agenda.

As the current resources working on the NetBeans database integration are limited we looked into utilizing what we have done in MySQL Workbench to get a more powerful database interface into the hands of NetBeans users. But there are a few things that make this approach quite difficult. First, the two tools are using different development languages. Just to name a few. NetBeans is written in Java while MySQL Workbench is written in C/C+. MySQL Workbench does not include any query functionality yet and we are still working on the multi-platform support.

Still, we had good discussions and are currently working out a plan to overcome all these obstacles and help NetBeans users have an improved database experience.

While in Prague, Kaj Arnö and I gave talks at the Prague University. While Kaj was covering all MySQL related topics I was focusing on MySQL Workbench of course. People there asked a lot of questions and the feedback we got was pretty good.

We are currently working to get the next bug-fix release of WB 5.0 built. The release should happen soon.

In parallel we are making progress with WB 5.1, namely the Linux port. Maksym has GRT module loading working and is continuing to write makefiles and adjustments to the code to making everything compile. Stay tuned.