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MySQL Workbench 5.1.7 Alpha For Linux And OS X Available

Last week we had a team meeting, where we could discuss and plan various issues and ideas for current and upcoming versions of our project.

But finally it’s time to publish new material to show what we were up to in the past weeks. We have our first dual-platform-release of the MySQL Workbench 5.1.7 alpha version.

Please note, that in terms of UI linux- and OSX- version aren’t yet on the same level of completeness. While we are nearly done having all features onboard for the linux-build, we still have some more checkmarks to fill on the osx checklist – but we are catching up. Nevertheless it’s the same codebase – especially the backend-code is the same for all platforms.

Some of you might be missing a release – 5.1.6 for Linux. No, you didn’t miss an announcement: For the purpose of unifying the releases for Linux and mac we simply didn’t publish 5.1.6 last week. It was considered an internal release only and now we’re going public with alpha version 5.1.7 for both Linux and OSX.

As noticed earlier, while the Linux version is closing in on features to be implemented (printing is the biggest feature that is still missing … but you can already export PDFs of course) we improved Mac version in terms of stability. Second alpha for mac is still intel only, but we are already preparing for building universal binaries from next release on.

A big thank you for all folks helping with trying our work-in-progress version, reporting problems, building the source on different distros and letting us know how it works out.

Fetch our latest packages from our official download page, install/build it and tell us your opinions and experiences on IRC (channel #workbench on, our forums, here on the blog-pages or simply using good old email.