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MySQL Workbench 5.1.17 Available

We’re proud to announce the first service release of our current GA product MySQL Workbench 5.1. This maintenance release encompasses a number of stability, performance and quality improvements.
We were able to fix 56 bugs – as always, details on latest changes can be found on our Releases Page.

Please head over to our download page and fetch this new update:

In addition to the improvements on the application, we also updated our packaging procedure to provide a more up to date selection of packages for recent distributions. Along with the Windows and OSX (intel) binaries we now provide binaries for the following Linux distributions:

Ubuntu 8.04  (32/64bit)
Ubuntu 9.04  (32/64bit)
Fedora 11     (32/64bit)

If you encounter any problems, please report them to our bugtracker. Feel free to contact us any time on IRC (, #workbench) for any questions or infos.

– The Workbench Team