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MySQL Workbench 5.1 Alpha for Linux in Less Than 30 Days

A lot of people have been waiting for this a long time – so I am very happy to announce that we will publish the first Alpha that runs natively on Linux end of September. We will release generic binaries and the 5.1 source tarball including everything that is needed to build yourself.

This will not be a feature-complete beta release yet, but we are trying to get the basic functionality working so everybody can start modeling right away. We spent most of the last few months working on updating the Back-End implementation to use the GRTv4 and to prepare our platform-independent mForms. I expect the actual Front-End port to make good progress.

Let me share two screenshots I just made on Ubuntu, our Linux distro of choice. The first one shows the MySQL Model page. The Sakila demo model has been loaded.

WB 5.1 Linux Preview 1 Small

The second screenshot shows the EER Diagram. This first Alpha will still use the software rendering option but we are looking forward to enable the OpenGL pretty soon.

WB 5.1 Linux Preview 2 Small

Keep monitoring the blog – we will publish new screenshots as we go.