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MySQL Workbench 5.2.36 GA available

MySQL Workbench 5.2.36 has been released. This release is part of an ongoing effort committed to improving the day to day usability of the product based on accumulated experience from tools such as MySQL Query Browser and input from user feedback.

This specific version was focused on improving usability of the Query Editor. Some of the changes introduced are:

  • New, redesigned Query Editor layout. Output messages are always visible while resultsets and the query editor can be resized according to the task at hand. Resultsets are now in the same tab as their generating query editor.
  • Several minor changes that make the difference for a frustration-free, comfortable use of the tool. Sidebar sizes, the last selected schema and other state information is now properly remembered between sessions. Keyboard navigation of resultsets has been fixed to properly handle Tab key navigation in all platforms.
  • SELECT queries are now analyzed as in the old MySQL Query Browser tool and, if possible, its resultsets can be edited
  • The schema tree now allows applying actions to multiple selected objects at once.
  • The schema tree also shows more comprehensive information. In addition to schemas, tables, column, views and routines it also displays information about triggers, indexes and foreign keys. The object information box has been improved.
  • A new plugin containing various utilities useful for generating directly usable PHP code from your queries. For example, you can generate code that will run a SELECT statement, with SQL injection-safe variable binding and resultset iteration, from a query being edited in the SQL editor.
  • Export recordsets to XLS format files.

The Administrator was also improved in the following areas:

  • Server Start and Shutdown page was updated to include server error log output
  • The Log browser support was improved to support log files, when managing local servers

In addition, 82 bugs and feature requests have been fixed. A detailed list of closed bugs can be viewed at our Release Info Page.

We hope the included enhancements will make use of MySQL Workbench a lot more productive and fun. This effort is far from complete and the Workbench team will continue working on even more changes and additions to make Workbench the database tool of choice for users both advanced and inexperienced. We still have a lot of nice things in the oven, so keep an eye on new versions coming out!

Please get your copy from our Download site. Sources and binary packages are available for several platforms, including Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Workbench Documentation can be found here

In addition to the new Query/SQL Development and Administration modules, version 5.2 features improved stability and performance – especially in Windows, where OpenGL support has been enhanced and the UI was optimized to offer better responsiveness. This release also includes improvements to the scripting capabilities of the SQL Editor. You can read more about it in


For a detailed list of resolved issues, see the change log.

If you need any additional info or help please get in touch with us.

Post in our forums, leave comments on our blog pages or if you want to talk to us directly you can visit us on our IRC channel #workbench on

– The MySQL Workbench Team