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MySQL Utilities Makes Skipping Transactions on Multiple Servers Easy

We are very happy to introduce a new MySQL utility named “mysqlslavetrx“, which allows users to easily skip multiple transactions on multiple servers in a single step. This utility is one of three new utilities included in MySQL Utilities release-1.6.1 Alpha. The other utilities are “mysqlbinlogpurge” and “mysqlbinlogrotate“, which can be used to purge and rotate binary logs.

The mysqlslavetrx utility allows you to skip multiple transactions on several slaves. More precisely, it injects empty transactions for the specified Global Transaction Identifier (GTID) set and list of target slaves. Skipping transactions can be useful to quickly recover from erroneous situations that can occur during the replication process, or to handle errant transactions. Check out the following blog posts for more details about concrete situations where you might need to inject empty transactions:

The mysqlslavetrx utility can assist you in the above situations, making the process of injecting empty transactions less tedious. However, misuse of this technique may cause the slaves to skip the wrong transactions. Thus, take care to ensure the transactions skipped do not introduce data inconsistencies.

Note: You can use the mysqlrplsync utility to check the data consistency of a replication topology.

Main Features

Here is a summary of the main features of the mysqlslavetrx utility:

  • Skips multiple transactions (GTIDs), i.e. inject empty transactions, on multiple slaves.
  • Provides a dry run mode to allow users to confirm which transaction would be skipped with the specified input without actually injecting any empty transactions on the target slaves.
  • Checks existing transactions (GTIDs) and ignore them, since an empty transaction cannot be injected for an already executed GTID.


The mysqlslavetrx utility requires all target servers to have GTID enabled.


Here is an example of the execution of the utility:

As expected the only options that need to be specified is the GTID set representing the transactions to skip and the list of target slaves (more precisely their connection strings).

Now with the mysqlslavetrx utility, you no longer need to manually inject an empty transaction one by one on each required slave. Isn’t that cool?

Try it now and send us your feedback

MySQL Utilities release-1.6.1 alpha is available for download from the following links.

MySQL developers website:
Launchpad project:

The documentation of MySQL Utilities can be obtained from the following link:

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