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MySQL User Camp, Bangalore – 27th April, 2018

MySQL User Camp is a forum where MySQL Engineers and community users come together to connect, collaborate, and share knowledge. This year’s first MySQL User Camp was held on 27th April 2018, at Oracle India Pvt Ltd, Kalyani Magnum Infotech Park, Bangalore with an excellent turnout of 60 attendees.

The event began with a welcome note from Balasubramanian Kandasamy, (Principal Member Technical Staff, MySQL Release Engineering). In attendance were users from SAP labs, Mydbops, Cattleya Technologies, Cerner Corporation, OMC, Infosys, Powerup cloud technology, OLA, Searce,  Mafiree,  Amrocky Bueno Technologies Pvt Ltd, Verizon,  Epsilon, Accenture, Justdial and more.

Ramana Yeruva (Principal Member Technical Staff, MySQL System Quality Assurance) presented on MySQL Docker with demonstration. His valuable insights on MySQL Docker and the demonstration of the same provided a good understanding of MySQL Docker.

Keypoints from the presentation

  •  Overview of Docker terminology
  •  MySQL Docker images and contents
  •  MySQL Server deployments with Docker image

Post his presentation, we had a quick quiz and some goodies were distributed to the winners.

The next presentation was on “What’s New in MySQL 8.0” by our engineers from MySQL
team. The engineers provided an overview of the main features that went in MySQL 8.0 like New Data Dictionary, Security, InnoDB, Group Replication, Optimizer, Enterprise Backup, Upgrade Checker, Document Store and MySQL Cloud.

Presenter information (from left to right):

  •  Gopal Shankar (Principal Member Technical Staff, MySQL Runtime)
  •  Harin Vadodaria (Principal Member Technical Staff, MySQL Server General)
  •  Mayank Prasad (Principal Member Technical Staff, MySQL InnoDB)
  •  Hemant Dangi (Senior Member Technical Staff, MySQL Group Replication)
  •  Chaithra Gopalareddy (Senior Principal Member Technical Staff, MySQL Optimizer)
  •  Gagan Goel ( Manager, MySQL Enterprise Backup)
  •  Ramana Yeruva (Principal Member Technical Staff, MySQL System Quality Assurance)
  •  Sanjay Manwani, (MySQL India Senior Director)

The final presentation was on “Customer Experience: InnoDB Cluster Implementation” by
P R Karthik, (Founder, Mydbops). He shared the challenges faced when migrating data to the Open Source Platform and the solutions his team employed to address the issues.

Keypoints from the presentation

  • Heavy data loading
  • Setting up HA for MySQL Router.

Camp ended with an interactive session where the users could get their queries addressed by MySQL team and team was able to get very valuable suggestions from the users.

Most valuable part of the event was the attendee feedback. Users were extremely happy with the presentations and requested to have more detailed sessions on MySQL 8.0 features.

I would like to thank the user community for their active participation and making MySQL User Camp 2018 a resounding success.

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