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MySQL User Camp, Bangalore - 26th June, 2015

MySQL User Camp Bangalore, organized on 26th June, 2015, was a huge success with an excellent turnout of 49 attendees. We got many users from different companies, like Flipkart, Snapdeal, CTS, Capgemini, Yahoo, VMware, HCL, Datavail, Bosch, Rakuten and more.

The event started on time with a welcome speech by Balasubramanian Kandasamy, (Principal Member Technical Staff, MySQL Release Engineering). He welcomed all the attendees, followed by a brief agenda and introduction of the attendees.

Mahesh Patil (from Rakuten, a MySQL community member) presented on MySQL Tools Usage in Rakuten and Overview of Replication GTIDs. He provided a good summary on the MySQL Tools usage in Rakuten with snapshot of inbuilt tools and how the replication GTIDs are used.

Mahesh Patil

Key points from the presentation

  • Different MySQL built-in tools used in Rakuten
  • Usage of replication GITDs

We had a quick MySQL quiz before the second presentation and some goodies were distributed in the audience.

The next presentation was on “MySQL Software Repositories” by Akhil Mohan, (Software Engineer, MySQL Release Engineering). It was followed by a demonstration of Apt repository configuration and upgrading from the MySQL 5.5 available in the distro native repos of Ubuntu 14.04 to the latest version of MySQL 5.6 available in the official MySQL software repositories. We got good feedback from users on the MySQL repos.

Akhil Mohan

Key points from the presentation

  • DevOps at MySQL
  • Different MySQL repos (Apt/Yum/SUSE)
  • Docker (currently in beta)
  • Demonstration of the Apt repo configuration.

The final presentation was on “Ansible for large scale MySQL deployment” by PR Karthik, (MySQL DBA, Yahoo). Good overview of how Ansible can be of great value in the context of large scale MySQL deployment.

PR Karthik

Key points from the presentation

  • Ansible installation and configuration
  • Using Ansible for configuration management across multiple installations of MySQL

Later, we had an open talk session where the users interacted with MySQL engineers from different teams.

Feedback from attendees:

We had great responses from the attendees. There were some requests for presentations on MySQL new features and replication in the next meetup, and we will definitely take that into consideration.

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