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MySQL Shell 8.0.24 - What's New?

The MySQL team is proud to announce the general availability of version 8.0.24 of the MySQL Shell.

In addition to a considerable number of bugs fixed, the following changes were introduced.

Improved Command Line Integration

Integrating the shell functionality in DevOps operations is a key feature and this release has introduced a big improvement on this area being the most remarkable improvements the following:

  • No longer need to execute APIs using the –execute (-e) command line argument: all of the data required for any API available in CLI can be defined through command line arguments (including lists).
  • The data type conversion for the different parameters is based on the API metadata which guarantees a correct data type conversion when needed.
  • Improved help system for CLI calls, the CLI help allows to identify:
    • What objects expose API functions on the CLI interface.
    • Which API functions are available for a specific object.
    • The syntax required to execute an specific function.
  • Support to expose MySQL Shell Plugin operations to the CLI interface.

The format for CLI operations is as follows:

To see which objects expose functionality to the CLI interface (including plugins) use:


To see which operations are available for a specific object use:


To see the syntax required to call a specific function from CLI use:


The general syntax to execute an operation from CLI is as follows:


For detailed information aobut this topic refer to the User Guide.

Dump & Load Enhancements

This time new compatibility options were added to allow de user determining what should be done on when a table without primary keys (which is a requirement for tables in MDS) are found on an On-Premise instance:

  • ignore_missing_pks: will enable the dump process to skip the primary key verification
  • create_invisible_pks: will cause the load process to automatically create the missing primary keys

For additional details refer to the compatibility options for the dump utilities in the User Guide.

Improved Logging

Troubleshooting execution of SQL statements also got an improvement by adding a new option that makes SQL operations to be logged into the system log:

  • syslog on unix environments
  • event log in windows environments

To enable this feature either set the shell option history.sql.syslog=true or start the MySQL Shell with the –syslog command line argument.

For additional details about this feature refer to the User Guide.


For details about the MySQL Shell please take a look at the MySQL Shell User Guide.

For additional details about features introduced by this version and the full list of fixed bugs take a look at the Release Notes.

Don’t forget to download it and give it a try:

Your feedback is very welcome!

You can reach us at #shell channel in