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MySQL Router 8.0.11 GA has been released

Dear MySQL users,

MySQL Router 8.0.11 is the first GA release for MySQL Router 8.0 series.

The MySQL Router is a new building block for high availability solutions
based on MySQL InnoDB clusters.

By taking advantage of the new Group Replication technology, and
combined with the MySQL Shell, InnoDB clusters provide an integrated
solution for high availability and scalability for InnoDB based MySQL
databases, that does not require advanced MySQL expertise.

The deployment of applications with high availability requirements is
greatly simplified by MySQL Router. MySQL client connections are
transparently routed to online members of a InnoDB cluster, with MySQL
server outages and cluster reconfigurations being automatically handled
by the Router.

To download MySQL Router 8.0.11, see the “Generally Available (GA)
Releases” tab at Package
binaries are available for several platforms and also as a source code

Documentation for MySQL Router can be found at


Changes in MySQL Router 8.0.11 (2018-04-19,General Availability)

Bugs Fixed

* Some failed SQL queries executed during the bootstrap
process resulted in a generic "Unknown error" message instead of
reporting the original error message received from the MySQL
server. As a workaround, setting level=DEBUG during bootstrap
yielded these SQL errors. (Bug #27721898)

* Some unexpected errors from the MySQL server were not
shown during the Router bootstrap process. (Bug #27721834)

* Router failed to compile on Alpine Linux 3.6. (Bug

* Router's max_connect_errors option did not function in
v8.0.4. (Bug #27564958)

* Bootstrapping would only function if --bootstrap was the
first command-line argument. Now the argument order is
irrelevant. (Bug #25054974)

On behalf of Oracle MySQL Release Team
Nawaz Nazeer Ahamed