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MySQL is Ready for Fedora 30

Fedora 30 is out today. We congratulate the Fedora community on another rev of their favorite Linux distro. As usual, we support the latest Fedora from day one, and we have added the following MySQL products to our official MySQL yum repos:

  • MySQL Server (8.0.16 and 5.7.26)
  • Connector C++ 8.0.16
  • Connector Python 8.0.16
  • Connector ODBC 8.0.16
  • Connector Java 8.0.16
  • Router 8.0.16
  • Shell 8.0.16
  • Workbench 8.0.16

Please note that our 8.0 client side products (Router, Shell, Workbench, connectors) are designed to work with any older (non-EOL) version of MySQL Server. So all the 8.0.16 clients will work with MySQL Server 5.7.26.

Head over to and get the Fedora 30 repo setup package to enable the official MySQL repos on your system. Install the package with

sudo rpm -Uvh mysql80-community-release-fc30-1.noarch.rpm

… and off you go. For more detailed instructions, please refer to the Quick Guide to Using the MySQL Yum Repository.

As usual, if you have comments or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below. If you should [gulp] experience issues with the repos or packages, please make sure to submit a problem report to the MySQL bug database.