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MySQL InnoDB Cluster Tutorial Videos

We just published a series of 4 video tutorials about our native, full-stack, out-of-the-box and easy to use High Availability and Scaling solution for MySQL: InnoDB Cluster!

If you want to see the new MySQL Shell 8.0 in action to create a MySQL InnoDB Cluster and try it out yourself, just take a look!

Note: The videos illustrate the article published at: MySQL InnoDB Cluster 8.0 – A Hands-on Tutorial 

Part 1 – Introduction

In the first video, MySQL InnoDB cluster 8.0 and its integrating technologies are introduced: Group Replication, MySQL Shell with the AdminAPI and MySQL Router.

The video sets the base for those not familiar with InnoDB cluster.

Part 2 – Preparing Instances

Getting your instances ready for MySQL InnoDB Cluster has never been so easy!

The second video demonstrates the powerful capabilities of the AdminAPI to verify and auto-configure MySQL Server instances for InnoDB cluster usage.

Part 3 – Setting up Cluster

The third video shows how simple and straightforward is to set up an InnoDB cluster!

The video fully describes how does a complete setup of an InnoDB cluster look like, by covering all the deployment steps, including the cluster itself and MySQL Router.

Part 4 – HA In Action!

The fourth video ends the series by showing the cluster behavior upon crashes and providing the so desired High Availability (HA) for your data without any user intervention.

MySQL InnoDB Cluster provides HA out-of-the-box!

As always, Thank you for using MySQL!