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MySQL InnoDB Cluster - New 5.7.17 Preview Release on

The MySQL Development Team is happy to announce a new release of the MySQL InnoDB Cluster – 5.7.17 Preview, now available for download at This release contains the following packages.

The InnoDB Cluster 5.7.17 Preview supports and requires the latest MySQL Server 5.7.17 GA release that now ships with Group Replication feature in GA quality.

What’s New?

We carefully listened to the feedback we got from the last preview release and incorporated most of the suggested changes, the rest will follow in the next release. The most prominent are:

  • Support for Windows 10
  • Support for MySQL Server Instance on the network (no limit to Sandbox anymore)
  • Support for pre-existing Group Replication setups
  • Several new commands to improve usability and flexibility

To get a detailed list of changes and improvements please read this blog post.

Further Reading

We have updated our Tutorial blog post to work with this latest release.

We have created a new State Diagram and a blog post that explains each state that an InnoDB cluster can get into and how a DBA can move the cluster between the different states.

We have also created a detailed step-by-step tutorial blog post for Windows 10 in order to guide you through the complete process of trying out MySQL InnoDB cluster.

Please feel free to try this latest version and give us feedback on