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MySQL InnoDB Cluster - Automatic Node Provisioning

The MySQL Development Team is very excited and proud of what was achieved in this 8.0.17 GA release!

The spotlight is on… A game-changer feature – Automatic Node provisioning!

This has been an extremely desired and important feature, and it has been accomplished, once again, with tight integration and cooperation of MySQL Components:

  • The new MySQL Clone Plugin: To take a physical snapshot of the database and transfer it over the network to provision a server, all integrated into the server, using regular MySQL connections.
  • Group Replication: To integrate the Clone Plugin on the recovery process of joining instances.
  • MySQL Shell/AdminAPI: To transparently and automatically configure and manage InnoDB cluster to provide automatic node provisioning when pertinent.

Here’s a sneak preview of it in action. But stay tuned for the upcoming blog posts describing in detail how 8.0.17 introduces this game-changer feature!


MySQL 8.0.17 GA and all its components can be downloaded from

Enjoy, and Thank you for using MySQL!