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MySQL Group Replication: Extended Technical Documentation

A new Group Replication plugin labs release has came out, a little over a week ago. Exciting news! 😉 This shows that the team has been working hard to shape up the plugin so that it meets the required feature set, performance and quality standards to be released as GA. It also means that it is the eighth labs release. As a consequence, it can be hard for those who are following the development of this plugin closely, to keep up with the changes that have been made release after release.

Yes, this is a fairly big and quite popular project within the MySQL ecosystem and as such it has attracted a lot of interest. Therefore, there have been many Group Replication labs releases (eight so far). The entire team has made an effort to blog about the changes introduced on every release, highlighting the exciting new features and the relevant technical changes. The goals for releasing frequently and blogging about it are: (i) that we all – community and development team – celebrate together each milestone; (ii) to get the community to participate as soon as possible in the project cycle and thus provide feedback early and often; (iii) and also to let everyone know how to use/experiment with the new features that come out.

Nonetheless, despite this blogging effort to showcase the features and detail the technicalities of Group Replication, it may be hard for our users to follow up on everything simply by reading blog posts.

As such, we have put together a document, written by the developers, that compiles and extends many of the blog posts about group replication, available on this site, into a single tutorial/manual. You can find it here:


This document is under continuous change – it is mostly extended as we write new blogs or fix/detail a few things here and there. Regardless, it is a very good resource for those who want to read and understand more about Group Replication and how to use it.

Happy reading!