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MySQL Group Replication - 0.4.0 Labs Release Plugin Packages

The multi master plugin for MySQL is here. MySQL Group Replication provides virtually synchronous updates on any member in a group of MySQL servers, with conflict handling and automatic group membership management and failure detection.

You can read about all MySQL Group Replication features following the tag MySQL Group Replication.

On this blog post we will present the packages the MySQL Group Replication 0.4.0 offers and what are the tasks that you need to perform to install the plugin on the MySQL server.


Go to, choose MySQL Group Replication on the release menu. You will see two files there:

  1. mysql-group-replication-0.4.0-labs.tar.gz
  2. mysql-group-replication-0.4.0-labs-el6.x86_64.tar.gz

The first file is the tarball with plugin source, the second file is the plugin binary for Oracle Enterprise Linux x86_64 platform.

Our goal is for MySQL Group Replication releases to work with the latest MySQL server release, except this one time we need 5.7.7, so the binary package needs to be installed on a MySQL 5.7.7 server running on a Oracle Enterprise Linux 6 x86_64 platform. Going forward we will release to more platforms and package formats.
Please continue to read to see the detailed installation instructions.

Install from binary package

The plugin binary package is meant for a specific MySQL server version and platform: MySQL server 5.7.7 on Oracle Enterprise Linux 6 x86_64. Server and plugin must have the same the platform to work together.

  1. Unpack the plugin binary package;
  2. Copy mysql-group-replication-VERSION/lib/plugin/ to your MySQL server plugins folder, usually it is /usr/lib64/mysql/plugin/ but it will depend on how MySQL server is installed;
  3. Follow the configuration instructions at Getting started with MySQL Group Replication.
Install from source package
  1. Download the required MySQL server version, 5.7.7, tar archive from;
  2. Unpack the MySQL server tar;
  3. Unpack plugin source tar;
  4. Build the plugin together with MySQL server:

Plugin binary package will be created on BIN folder. Please follow binary package installation steps to install the plugin on the MySQL server.


Please use this option to set MySQL server build configuration. In order to make the plugin compatible with a given MySQL server binary, the plugin must be build with the same configuration as the MySQL server.

When several cmake arguments are passed to this variable them must be split by semicolon: ;

If some of those arguments contain spaces them must be surrounded by apostrophes: ‘


Go to and try the new preview release of MySQL Group Replication following the instructions at Getting started with MySQL Group Replication and send us your feedback.

Note that this is not the GA yet, so don’t use it in production and expect bugs here and there. If you do experience bugs, we are happy to fix them. All you have to do is to file a bug in the bugs DB in that case.