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MySQL Connector/Python 2.1.7 GA has been released

Dear MySQL users,

MySQL Connector/Python 2.1.7 GA is a fifth GA version of 2.1 release series of the pure Python database driver for MySQL. It can be used for production environments.

MySQL Connector/Python version 2.1.7 GA is compatible with MySQL Server versions 5.5 and greater. Python 2.6 and greater as well as Python 3.4 and greater are supported. Python 2.4, 2.5, and 3.1, 3.2, 3.3 are not supported.

MySQL Connector/Python 2.1.7 is available for download from: MySQL Connector/Python 2.1.7 (Commercial) will be available for download on the My Oracle Support (MOS) website. This release will be available on eDelivery (OSDC) in next month’s upload cycle.

The ChangeLog file included in the distribution contains a brief summary of changes in MySQL Connector/Python 2.1.7. For a more complete list of changes, see below or online at:


Changes in MySQL Connector/Python 2.1.7 (2017-08-18, General Availability)

 * Functionality Added or Changed

 * Bugs Fixed

   Functionality Added or Changed

 * Connector/Python is now compatible with Django 1.11.
   Thanks to Brian Tyndall for the patch for some of the
   work. (Bug #25965922, Bug #86105, Bug #26257499,

 * Connector/Python now attempts to connect using TLS by
   default if the server supports secure connections. 

   Bugs Fixed

 * Prepared statements did not work with a MySQL 8.0 server.
   (Bug #26376334)

 * With a connection character set of utf8mb4, multiple-row
   insert operations failed with an error of LookupError:
   unknown encoding: utf8mb4. (Bug #24659561, Bug #82948)

 * Creating a Connection instance with use_pure=True could
   lead to the underlying socket not being closed if the
   user name or password were invalid. Thanks to Vilnis
   Termanis for the patch. (Bug #24342757, Bug #82324)

 * For cursors created with named_tuple=True,
   MySQLCursorNamedTuple objects could leak memory. Thanks
   to Piotr Jurkiewicz for the patch on which this fix was
   based. (Bug #22880163, Bug #80621)

 * The C Extension leaked memory if used to execute INSERT
   statements that inserted Unicode strings. (Bug #22825962,
   Bug #79887)

 * The escape_string() method leaked memory. (Bug #22810810,
   Bug #79903)

 * With Python 2.x, for a call to encode('utf8') on a
   bytestring that was serialized from unicode, Python
   attempted to decode the string using the 'ascii' codec
   and encode it back using 'utf8'. The result was encoding
   failure for bytestrings that contain non-ASCII
   characters. (Bug #22564149, Bug #79993)

The source distribution includes the manual in various formats under
the docs/ folder.

Reporting Bugs
We welcome and appreciate your feedback and bug reports:

On Behalf of the MySQL/ORACLE RE Team,
Gipson Pulla