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MySQL Connector/Node.js 8.0.19 has been released

Dear MySQL users,

MySQL Connector/Node.js is a new Node.js driver for use with the X
DevAPI. This release, v8.0.19, is a maintenance release of the
MySQL Connector/Node.js 8.0 series.

The X DevAPI enables application developers to write code that combines
the strengths of the relational and document models using a modern,
NoSQL-like syntax that does not assume previous experience writing
traditional SQL.

MySQL Connector/Node.js can be downloaded through npm (see for details) or from

To learn more about how to write applications using the X DevAPI, see
For more information about how the X DevAPI is implemented in MySQL
Connector/Node.js, and its usage, see

Please note that the X DevAPI requires at least MySQL Server version
8.0 or higher with the X Plugin enabled. For general documentation
about how to get started using MySQL as a document store, see

Changes in MySQL Connector/Node.js 8.0.19 (2020-01-13, General Availability)

Functionality Added or Changed

  • Added DNS SRV support.
    Using the mysqlx+srv scheme+extension in a connection
    string (or enabling the resolveSrv option in a connection
    configuration object) allows to automatically resolve any
    SRV record available in a target DNS server or service
    discovery endpoint.

Bugs Fixed

  • Improved the CRUD API error messages. (Bug #30423556)
  • The getAffectedItemsCount() method did not function on
    result sets in v8.0.18. (Bug #30401962)
  • The Collection.existsInDatabase() method did not
    function. (Bug #30401432)

On Behalf of MySQL/ORACLE RE Team
Gipson Pulla