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MySQL Cluster Webinar on Wednesday: What's New in MySQL Cluster 7.2.1 Development Milestone Release

There’s a webinar this Wednesday (9 am Pacific; 5 pm UK; 6 pm CET) that explains what’s new in the MySQL Cluster Development Milestone Release – register here for free access.

Join this session to learn about the latest enhancements to the MySQL Cluster database, enabling even more of the latest generation of web, telecoms and embedded applications to take advantage of high write scalability, SQL and NoSQL interfaces and 99.999% availability.

New capabilities include:

  •  70x higher JOIN performance for the latest generation of web applications using Adaptive Query Localization, enabling real-time analytics across live data sets
  • New NoSQL interface via memcached to further enhance developer flexibility and productivity
  • Simplified global scalability with multi-site clusters and enhanced Active/Active replication
  • Integration with the MySQL 5.5 release, enabling users to fully exploit the latest capabilities of both the InnoDB and MySQL Cluster storage engines within a single application
  • Streamlined cluster provisioning and maintenance

The 2nd Development Milestone Release of MySQL Cluster 7.2.1 was announced at Oracle OpenWorld 2011. This release is now available for download and evaluation under the GPL license. This session will help to get you started with this latest release.