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MySQL Cluster Powers Leading Document Management Web Service

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The DocQ web service eliminates the limitations of sharing physical documents by offering a complete paperless business solution; providing a single place where customers can manage, archive, and send their important documents. DocQ supports secure business transactions and the services to store, edit, collaborate, and publish business documents.

  • The database needed to deliver the high levels of write throughput, low latency responsiveness and continuous availability demanded by the service
  • A sharded, multi-master MySQL solution with memcached was rejected due to the complexity of integration and management
  • MySQL Cluster was selected as it met all of the requirements of the service with one, integrated solution out of the box
  • MySQL Cluster is handling on average 1 million queries per day across both in-memory and disk-based tables, with the database growing at up to 2% daily
  • MySQL Cluster handles document metadata and text, PHP session state, ACLs, job queues and tracking of document actions for billing