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MySQL Cluster: Geographic Replication Deep-Dive - webinar replay

The recording and slides from this week’s MySQL Cluster Geographic Replication webinar is now available – download replay¬†& slides. As always the material is free.

MySQL Cluster Replication
MySQL Cluster Replication

For those that missed the invitation, here is a description of the content…

MySQL Cluster has been deployed into some of the most demanding web, telecoms and enterprise / government workloads, supporting 99.999% availability with real time performance and linear write scalability.

Tune into this webinar where you can hear from the MySQL Cluster product management team provide a detailed “deep dive” into one of MySQL Cluster’s key capabilities – Geographic Replication.

In this session, you will learn how using Geographic Replication enables your applications to:

  • achieve higher levels of availability within a data center or across a WAN
  • locate data closer to users, providing lower latency access
  • replicate to other MySQL storage engines for complex data analysis and reporting of real time data
  • how to get started with Geographic Replication

Presented by Andrew Morgan (Senior Product Manager, MySQL Cluster) and Matthew Keep (MySQL Cluster Product Management)