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MySQL Cluster 7.0.7 source released

Update: As explained in “MySQL Cluster 7.0.7 binaries released” you can now download the compiled binaries for your particular platform. I am going to leave this entry in place as it will hopefully be useful for future releases but for 7.0.7 you should refer to that other post.

You’ll need to wait for the pre-built binaries but you can now download the source code and build it for yourself to get started. This article explains where to get it and how to build, install and test the installation.

In this example, I’ve used Ubuntu.

The first step is to download the compressed tar ball containing the source code by pointing your browser to

Then you need to extract the code and then build and install the software:

You can then test that the installation has been successful:

Following this you can configure and use the software as normal (refer to Creating a simple Cluster on a single LINUX host).

The annotated header information has already been updated in the NDB API Docs section.

A description of all of the changes (fixes) that have gone into MySQL Cluster 7.0.7 (compared to 7.0.6) can be found in the MySQL Cluster 7.0.7 Change Log.