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MySQL Central @ OpenWorld: What’s New in MySQL 5.7?

MySQL Central @ OpenWorld is coming up soon. I look forward to present What’s New in MySQL 5.7? on Tuesday, Sep 30, 12:00 PM – 12:45 PM – Moscone South – 252.  Join product manager Mike Frank and myself to discuss the big picture! We will cover:

  • InnoDB Performance & Scalability: Over 600 thousand QPS for SQL queries, over 1.1 million QPS for  Memcached API, over 60 thousand connects/ disconnects per second, parallel flushing, bulk data load and more.
  • Optimizer: New optimizations,  new architecture for the parser, new architecture for the optimizer, new additions leading to a new cost model designed to handle latest OS and hardware innovations.
  • Performance Schema:  Added instrumentation for metadata locking, transactions, memory usage, stored programs, and prepared statements. Exposing “show slave status” information and “user variables”,  reducing overhead, reducing footprint, and more.
  • Temporary Tables: Performance improvements for InnoDB temporary tables, their usage and the way forward.
  • GIS: InnoDB spatial indexes, new GIS algorithms based on Boost.Geometry, and the way forward.
  • Online: Online buffer pool resizing, truncation of undo log, additions to online alter table.
  • Replication: Enhanced multi-threaded slaves, semisync-replication,  and more.
  • Security:  Secure by default, new asymmetric encryption, key support, improved password handling, and more.
  • Cleaning up semantics: IGNORE Clause, STRICT Mode, ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY mode, triggers, and more.
  • Community contributions: Statement timeout, multiple user level locks, and computed columns
  • New Data Dictionary and more @ Labs
  • And much more: Fabric support, improved tools, fulltext search, partitioning, buffer pool dump and load enhancements, triggers, error reporting, error logging, …

I am looking forward to meet you @ OpenWorld !